Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Somos Voces Somos Región!"

Today has been an such an amazing and overwhelming day. All the kids came in today and it has been so much fun meeting them. It's only our first day and we already seem like a big family. We just got back from a dinner full of laughter, food and translations. The different languages here are Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, and Creole to name a few. What blows me away is the fact that although we all speak different languages, a simple smile can bring us together. What really moved me however was seeing how Sara, Susan, and Allie interacted with the other kids although they didn't speak the same language. They were teaching each other Spanish and English with little phrases such as "nice to meet you," and "cuantos anos tienes?"
Basically an amazing time. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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