Friday, July 9, 2010


Leaving the airport, we were met by a sea of people. Balloons and anxious faces behind a baracade, signs with names printed on them along with the moist air of El Salvador. Though we were not greeted by the mass swam of welcomers, it still felt welcoming. Grey coulds were heavy in the sky and I noticed three boys wide-eyed, wathcing the airplanes land. They were standing on a metal cage that seemed to be protecting a water pump. One was very young, wearing clothes that were worn, one cuffed rolled up of his khaki pants and black ruffled hair. He was balancing on the stoop with an older boy, and as we made eye-contact I had a feeling that they came to this place often. I, too enjoy watching the airplanes fly over head and wondered if they had ever been in one. We boarded the shuttle and I resisted to sleep to watch the suburbs turn urban, the rain collect in spilling streams and people waive the Spainish flag to promote the World Cup.


  1. Your writing is always beautiful sara! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your el salvadorian experience! Miss you!

    Love, Allegra

  2. Thanks Allegra, everyone says Hello!
    Keep on reading the blog, cause it's BANGIN' !