Monday, September 26, 2011

YUGA's September Meeting: The Year Ahead

Last weekend, a group of YUGA members met together plan for the year ahead.

We designated a YUGA campaign for each month, according to the Days of Action and/or holidays in that month. Below is a list of activities that we came up with that your YUGA Chapter could do each month. 

Can you think of other ways of taking action? Send us your ideas in the comments section below!

September - Education
  • book drive for a local shelter or under-resourced school
  • host a book exchange at school in the cafeteria; bring in a book to share, and take one home to read!
October - Global Poverty 
  • hold a food drive for canned goods and bring them to your local homeless shelter
  • volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • host a hunger banquet
November - Violence Against Women
  • hold a drive for items needed by your local women's shelter
  • join a march against domestic violence
December  - HIV/AIDS
  • participate in the Move to Stop AIDS Dance-a-Thon 
  • join a local AIDS walk 
  • wear red on December 1st, World AIDS Day
  • make red ribbons to sell during lunches, and donate the money to a Plan project for HIV/AIDS relief
January - World Peace
  • create a peace campaign in your school
  • design and plant a peace pole for your school 
  • host a candlelight peace walk
February - Social Justice
  •  volunteer at a local service organization, like a homeless shelter or International Institute
March - Water and Sanitation
  • raise awareness of both International Women's Day (March 8) and World Water Day (March 22) by hosting a Walk for Wells
April - Environmental Sustainability
  • attend Earth Fest in Boston
  • host a YUGA group clean-up of a local part or street
  • plant flowers outside of school
  • do a review of your school's 'green' practices, and present a list of of recommendations to your principal
May - Fair Trade
  • have a table outside of local grocery stores and farmers markets that explain what Fair Trade is and why it is important
June - Child Labor
  •  have a day of silence at school in honor of those who do not have a say in their future
July - YUGA Camp
  • recruit members of your YUGA chapter to come!
August - International Youth Day
  • host a youth fair, where attendees celebrate what youth are doing in the community. Invite the whole neighborhood!

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