Tuesday, August 31, 2010

YUGA meets US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse!

Above, YUGA members Luis, Angie, and Rachel stand with Plan USA's interim CEO, Audrey Bracey-Deegan and US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse at Plan USA's Warwick office.

While many middle school and high school students were gearing up for the start of school yesterday, several YUGA members ended the summer on a slightly different-- and more political note!
Yesterday, YUGA members Luis, Angie, and Rachel spoke with US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about the International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act. Having been an original cosponsor of the bill, Senator Whitehouse talked with the YUGA members about child marriage and how we can all work together to get this important legislation passed.
Child marriage, defined as marriage before age 18, affects more than 60 million girls worldwide. In some countries, half of the girls are married before they turn 18. For some girls, they don't reach age 10 before being married, often to a man they have never met.
While this harmful practice exists worldwide, YUGA members took action to protect girls and help them reach their full potential. At YUGA Camp, a workshop was held about the international crisis of child marriage. At the workshop, YUGA painted a 'Thank You!' sign to RI Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, an original co-sponsor of the bill, and presented him with our banner, pictures from the workshop, and a YUGA t-shirt!
Above, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse sits with Angie, Rachel, and Luis in the YUGA Hut!

Above, the pictures presented to Senator Whitehouse show the
Child Marriage workshop at YUGA Camp and the presentation of 11,000 signed letters
in support of the Child Marriage Prevention Bill at Congress.


Angie shows Senator Whitehouse a picture of the young girl who her YUGA Chapter helps to sponsor in Benin.

Check out the YUGA Facebook page at www.facebook.com/yugacentral to see more pictures from the meeting!


  1. Way to go! You guys are shining advocates now! :)

    -Sara !!

  2. Great Post! Nice pictures!